Is Your Auto Insurance Covering You “Full”?

Many people say or think they have “full coverage” on their auto insurance, but do you? First of all, if you are reviewing your insurance with your agent or getting a new quote, don’t say “full coverage”. That is too ambiguous and means different things to different people. So, here is a quick Auto Insurance

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3 Things To Do After An Auto Accident

Here are a few things everyone should do: 1) Call the Police (If someone is badly injured, call 911) 2) Get the name, number, vehicle, & insurance information of the other party. When the police arrive, they will typically separate the parties and you will not be able to get the information you need. 3)

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A True Auto Insurance Claim Story

Insurance Claims

We all want to pay fair prices for auto insurance, but it’s sometimes hard to figure out what is reasonable and where the real value is. We get a lot of questions like this: Do insurance companies all offer the same “vanilla” product? Is price the only difference? To get the best insurance, do you call

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