Personal insurance

Personal Insurance

Your personal insurance should provide protection for those assets you’ve worked hard for, as well as protection for your current earnings. We’ll find the right combination of coverage and value and look for ways to save you money in the process!

If you have good credit and a good claims record, saving money is a real possibility. However, proper coverage for you is the ultimate goal. If you find out the hard way that you have inadequate coverage, any promised savings will seem pretty hollow.


Business Insurance

Business Insurance

If you haven’t looked at your business insurance in a while, then now is a good time. The various companies that we represent offer a wide range of package policies for a variety of businesses. We most likely have one that’s a good fit for you. Multiple companies means more opportunities to adequately insure your business while hopefully at the same time decreasing what you need to pay for your protection.


Health insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is certainly in a state of flux with costs on the rise and legislation bringing many other considerations. Even if you’re not getting health insurance through your employer’s paid group plan, you may still be able to get individual or family coverage at reasonable rates, maybe even better than group rates. So if individual or family coverage is your best option or if you don’t know your best option, then give us a call. We’ll do our best to help.


Life insurance

Life Insurance

Our approach to life insurance is straightforward: make sure you have enough to protect your loved ones against a financial catastrophe. It’s better to think about the worst case scenario now and have the peace of mind that comes with preparing for it.

We can set you up with the right policy.

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